Implementing Google Analytics 4 – Eyewearlabs

Eyewearlabs is a D2C eyewear brand specialising in luxury eyewear. Given it’s eCommerce nature there are multiple data points that can be monitored, analysed and improved to help increase its revenue. Some important data points include –

  • Overall website traffic
  • Source of such traffic
  • Average engagement time
  • Purchase funnel of users

However, there was no analytics system in place to track these critical data points. Enter Google Analytics – 4, an analytics service that enables the measurement of traffic and engagement across your websites and apps. Google Analytics 4 tracks the entire customer path across multiple platforms and leverages AI and machine learning to provide more detailed insights into how users interact with your website and app.

By integrating GA-4, Eyewearlabs was able to track all the above mentioned datapoints and improve them leading to an overall increase in revenue.

Screenshot of GA-4 Dashboard. Image is for representational purposes only and does not reflect Eyewearlabs data.