Omnichannel Customer Engagement – Shaye

Problem Statement

Shaye is a D2C eCommerce company specialising in fast moving fashion apparels. Given the nature of the industry Shaye operates in, it is extremely essential for Shaye to build multiple communication touchpoints with its users so as to regularly update them about the latest styles, trends as well as the ongoing sales and discounts on selected styles.


Our tool of choice to solve for the above problems was Wigzo. Wigzo provides an all-in-one platform for users to convert, retain and grow your user base

Using Wigzo’s Broadcasting feature, Shaye was able to effectively communicate with its users using multiple channels such as Email, WhatsApp, SMS as well as browser notification. Using multiple channels ensures maximum users are reached using their preferred mode of communication thereby increasing exposures and in turn conversions.

Screenshot of Shaye’s emailer highlighting their best-selling styles